FlowPoint Investment Philosophy


We believe investment opportunities exist during all market cycles

The U.S. economy is a $19 trillion cauldron of constant change, both secular and cyclical. Demographic, regulatory, technological, economic, social and political forces constantly unleash challenges and opportunities upon an array of industries. These trends are perceptible and our expertise is in positioning them in low-risk portfolios.

Our portfolio managers have decades of investment experience including sector expertise and success before, during, and after the financial crisis. What sets us apart are unique investment ideas, our disciplined risk management techniques and money management rules, and a portfolio construction processes proven to manage volatility and drawdown risks. 

Our strategy targets innovation and “creative destruction” in corporate trends. We invest in high-performing growth companies taking advantage of change. We also emphasize the high returns available in our short portfolio, specifically our bets against speculative manias or waning franchises. For example:

        Long -
Innovation and high free cash flow (cybersecurity, financial technology)

        Short -
The U.S. college bubble, buggy-whip vendors, and financial engineers

Our institutional approach is a unique combination of macro tools such as volatility-based position sizing with in-depth fundamental research


FlowPoint is an early adopter of innovative financial technology, and our evidence-based investment approach is a competitive advantage empowered by proprietary tools. From predictive market analytics to portfolio stress-testing to fund accounting, we leverage the best our partners have to offer in distinctive, leveragable and affordable technologies. 

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